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Bridge between speech therapy and neuroscience, overcoming language barriers for comprehensive cognitive development.


Speech Therapy & Languages

Multilingual Neuro-Speech Therapy gets its name from two main worlds. The first is that of speech therapy, a broad realm dedicated to aiding those with various language, communication, speech, voice, and hearing difficulties. This encompasses learning disorders, speech disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, voice disorders, and auditory pathologies. Nested within this world is the field of neuro-speech therapy, a specialized profession focused on treating and rehabilitating language, speech, or swallowing disorders caused by neurological conditions.

The second world is that of languages, which complements the work I specialize in. Through this world, I learned that there are no barriers that cannot be overcome. Languages must be learned correctly and taught in a way that young minds can easily acquire as they develop. This is where the pivotal role of an expert who understands the workings of young children’s brains comes into play. Hence, my passion for the brain, its capabilities, and its continuous growth.


Collaborations with Experts

My work is carried out in the following languages, which currently include: English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Greek, sign language, and Braille.

It’s worth noting that I collaborate with many professionals in the healthcare sector because communication, sharing opinions, and exchanging ideas are always essential. In this way, we all contribute to achieving and fulfilling therapeutic objectives. The professionals I collaborate with include: speech therapists, psychologists, educational psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, dentists, orthodontists, school tutors, occupational therapists, specialists in the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), and many more.

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Children & adults

I work with both children, starting from the age of 2 whenever it’s deemed necessary, as well as with adults

I provide intervention in the childhood stage for the following cases:

  • Speech disorders: articulation disorder, stuttering.
  • Language disorders: receptive language, expressive language, or mixed language disorders.
  • Language delay.
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders: autism spectrum disorder (ASD), communication disorders, intellectual disabilities, attention deficit with or without hyperactivity, specific learning disorders.
  • Learning disorders: dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysorthography, dysgraphia.
  • Voice disorders.
  • Selective mutism.
  • Atypical swallowing.
  • Apraxia.
  • Primary progressive aphasia.
I provide intervention for adults in the following cases:

  • Speech disorders: articulation disorder, stuttering.
  • Voice-related issues.
  • Language, speech, or swallowing disorders due to neurological causes: aphasia and its various types, dysphagia, apraxia.
  • Atypical swallowing.
  • Voice disorders.