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My name: Sofía, my last name: Zelou,
my profession: Multilingual neuro-speech and language therapist


Passion and Competence

I come from a wonderful country, Greece, where I studied Speech Therapy in the city of Patras. My curiosity led me to move to Barcelona for the Erasmus placement program, after which I decided to stay.

Since 2014, I have been living in this beautiful city, and my journey has been filled with a rich professional experience that has helped me grow, learn, and never give up. Many families in Barcelona and around the world are familiar with my work, my passion, and my boundless enthusiasm.

During this time, I pursued a Master’s in Neuro-Speech Therapy at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau in the department of ‘Escola de Patologia del Llenguatge,’ where I realized I had just begun. And that’s how it was; since then, I haven’t stopped learning. I have worked as an independent professional in many international schools in Barcelona, collaborated with clinics, and been part of a project—a center in the Sant Gervasi neighborhood of Barcelona—where I shared experiences. I spent 4 years there and decided that it was time for a change in my life.


Love for languages

I started flying solo again, more prepared and loaded with knowledge and gratitude. I’ve helped many international, multilingual families, and I continue to do so. I discovered that what I love the most is being by their side, learning from them, and vice versa. I’ve been combining my two worlds, the world of languages and the world of my profession. I speak and work in: Spanish, Catalan, English, Greek, Italian, both Greek and American Sign Language, and Braille. I love languages, and what I enjoy the most is sharing a part of myself with all of you, being able to help and guide you in your learning journey along with your children! We can do this from wherever you are in the world because distance doesn’t matter. What does matter is the willingness to reach a common goal! On the other hand, and equally important, as you will understand why shortly, I love the brain and its capabilities! Everything is interconnected, and everything has unique responsibilities. From the moment of our exposure to the world, in whatever way it may be, the brain doesn’t stop recording: photos, images, people, languages, moments, and more. I want to share this and much more with everyone because my project has just begun.
Will you join me? The journey begins. Welcome to my multilingual world!