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Online Parent Consulting


What are consulting services?

Consulting services are for all those parents who need advice, adequate guidance, and for those who need to be guided by a professional in the world of languages. It is a service I offer to you 100% personalised.

My consulting services have grown thanks to you, to all those parents with whom I have met and whom I thank for having helped me and for having believed in me. In fact, many of you are already used to how this concept works and its benefits and some of you have just discovered it. I am delighted to explain and share with all of you that sometimes it is enough for someone to change just a little for the whole world to be changed! Together we´ll make it possible and together we´ll help each other.

Our consultations can be online or face-to-face.

Bilingual, multilingual or even monolingual parents tend to have many concerns or doubts about their children´s development. Their language development, their speech, how you have to help them at home when you use many languages ​​and you don’t know which one to start with, stimulates them and helps them learn languages properly. My professional experience throughout the years has given me all the tools you need.


What do we achieve this way?

Many times, what we achieve is to avoid any emotional frustration, which can cause a delay in children´s language and communication and in their development in general. Parents are essential for their little ones to properly evolve and develop. I simply help you put it into practice and achieve it!

Early language stimulation is the key so that children, whether they have difficulties or not, can grow in a holistic and favourable environment. Think about their future but think more about their present.


What would we talk about exactly?

What exactly would we talk about? 

  • We´d discuss all kinds of concerns that are related to children´s language, when more than two languages ​​are present, and when it is not known whether or not the child has a language delay. 
  • I´d explain all the functions of a bilingual child, bilingualism in general and its types, native or acquired bilingualism. 
  • We´d talk about what a bilingual or a multilingual child needs. 
  • In the case of a present or suspected language delay, we´d discuss ways to treat, support, and overcome it. 
  • We´d also talk about everything that has to do with your children´s schooling, the languages ​​to take into account and how to prioritise them when this critical moment comes. 
  • We´d talk about all the activities you can do at home to reinforce the work previously done. 
  • We´d talk about the therapy, and more specifically, about all your questions and/or queries that have to do with children´s linguistic development. 
  • In addition, I help you to follow and maintain the speech therapy that we have previously done in person or online. 
  • Consulting sessions always last one hour and are scheduled according to availability. 
  • Together we´ll create the language stimulation programme that best suits you, tailored to your needs so that you can easily use it at home. Together we´ll monitor its pros and cons and I´ll always be by your side as we achieve our goals. 
  • We´d talk about the best literacy methods adapted to your little ones´ needs. What you can do at home is more than you think and less than you can imagine. 
  • We´d talk about all the myths related to language that should be dispelled. 
  • Last but not least, we´d talk about how you can adapt the use of alternative and augmentative communication systems (AAC) at home for your children when there is a lack of verbal communication. 
  • I will support you whenever you need me. 

My consulting services are not only for bilingual or multilingual parents, but for all of you who need functional guidelines and individualised instructions. 

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