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Individual and parental therapies, collaborating in international schools in Barcelona, assisting families, children, and teachers.


School support for families, children, and teachers.

My working method consists of, in addition to individual therapies or therapies with parents, visiting schools. I attend schools and help accelerate the generalization of everything that needs to be learned, in the fastest and most functional way. My presence in the international schools of Barcelona, with which I have been collaborating over these years, has assisted many families, their children, and the teachers themselves.


Many benefits

External speech therapy support outside of schools offers many benefits:

  • Improves overall growth of the children.
  • Encourages language stimulation.
  • Helps them socialize better with more tools and techniques tailored to each child’s needs.
  • Supports the teaching team and provides them with all necessary resources.
  • Speech therapy progress is generalized more quickly.
  • Achieved results keep families consistently content and satisfied.
  • Additionally, schools are provided with essential sources to consider when needed for a child requiring alternative communication methods.
  • Direct supervision and adjustments are made by me to ensure functionality and aid the child’s communication. Supervision is based on mutual availability.
  • Speech therapy is conducted in a more familiar environment for the child, leading to consistent positive outcomes.
  • Parents no longer worry about their child’s day, as my constant presence keeps them informed, especially about social skills and communication.
  • Working objectives are always shared with teachers and they are encouraged to participate.

These are some of the benefits, but there are more that often depend on the case and individual needs. Any difficulty your child presents can always be treated with the right commitment.
You can count on me always!


The schools

The schools I currently collaborate with and visit are:

Most of the time, my external support is provided in English, as the schools I have been visiting use English as the primary language of instruction.
Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need it!