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Article 9

This is a subject that has been told again and again but it's one of my favorites as a multilingual speech and language therapist!

Over the years, I have been answering to many parents about the benefits of the bilingual brain, of a child that is bilingual or just it has been added during his development of a new language. It is one of the best gifts you can give to your child! Trust me!

The relationship between bilingualism and speech and language therapy is very closed! Speech therapists also study and research on the learning of a second language in children at an early age.

The concept of bilingualism is very present both in family and home and in school education. Lots of families nowadays opt for a bilingual education for their children and that’s great! 

But what really happens when learning disorders appear or, dyslalia, dyslexia, language delay or even developmental disorders? Are all these things and concepts related to bilingualism?

Not at all! Bilingualism gives more than you think, which means that the benefits are precious and when a child is exposed to more than one language from his early age, automatically his brain learns more things, becomes unique and none of the above difficulties and disorders are related to bilingualism!

Speech and Language therapy is necessary when the child presents any problems that have to do with his communication and language and the best would be that the therapy is received in the languages the child speaks. Although, that’s something that gets evaluated by the speech therapist, it depends on the problem and difficulty that the child presents and of course it depends on the needs the family and school prioritize.

What you need to do is to get in contact with a professional, a speech and language therapist that is specialized in bilingualism, in bilingual brain and get all the information you need! In my case, I count with the experience of more than 10 years in the field of bilingualism and multilingualism and have helped and guided so many international families with children that speak more than two languages!

You trust your child first and then your speech and language therapist that can give you answers to all your questions and help you at home with what you have to do exactly!

Get in contact for more!

Sofía Zelou