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Article 7

There are many ways you can help your child learn to understand and use words.

Speech and Language Therapy helps directly and indirectly parents and children.

The guidelines we provide to parents in order to help their child to communicate, speak and use language are one of the most powerful tools we have.

The guidelines depend on the case, the difficulty and the age, of course. We are going to talk about birth until 6 years old.

From birth to 2 years old, there are some activities you can do at home to encourage your child’s development, such as:

  • Respond when your baby laughs or makes faces. Make the same faces back to them.
  • Teach your baby to do what you do, like clapping your hands and playing peek-a-boo.
  • Talk to your baby as you give them a bath, feed them, and get them dressed. Talk about what you are doing and where you are going. Tell them who or what you will see.
  • Point out colors and shapes.
  • Count what you see.

From to 2 to 4 years:

  • Speak clearly to your child. Model good speech.
  • Repeat what your child says to show that you understand. Add on to what they say. Use words like, “Want juice? I have juice. I have apple juice. Do you want apple juice?”
  • It’s okay to use baby talk sometimes. Be sure to use the adult word too.
  • Help your child learn new words. Name body parts, and talk about what you do with them. 

From 4 to 6 years:

  • Pay attention when your child talks to you.
  • Get your child’s attention before you talk.
  • Praise your child when they tell you something. Show that you understand their words.
  • Pause after speaking. This gives your child a chance to respond.
  • Have your child guess what you describe. Say, “We use it to sweep the floor,” and have them find the broom.

No matter which the issue is, when you think that your child has a delay in his speech, doesn´t respond to your questions, doesn´t use words, or sentences, doesn´t repeat, and more, then you have to ask for help.

Speech and Language Therapy is what you need. Your child will learn how to speak and you can help him at home to do it even faster and to complete the stimulation process! 

Call me or text me for more information!

Sofía Zelou