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Article 6

Online therapy is the solution to physical barriers to accessing therapy.
It allows you to get help from wherever you are!

The benefits of online therapy remain the same as traditional therapy.

Online speech therapy may offer more flexibility than in-person services, and it increases access to speech therapists for people who aren’t able to travel to a provider’s location. That’s something that has increased the last few years but it has proved its benefits.

Now, many speech therapists offer services online via telecommunication. Tele-practice services should offer the same as in-person services.

One of the reasons why I chose to do that as well is because I saw the advantages over the years. If the online speech therapy is well prepared and is held to the standards for ethical practices, then it’s a therapy that can still be effective.

The online speech therapies can help both children and adults.

Working together online can have benefits for you and for the speech therapist. “Location does not dictate therapy options any longer”, says a speech therapist.

If you need a speech therapist who specializes in a certain type of therapy or has expertise working with certain conditions, you´re not limited to those in your area. The wider online pool makes it more likely for people to get the specialized help they need.

Eliminating travel also makes it easier to attend regular sessions, especially for those with mobility and transportations issues.

Research suggests it’s effective, too. Online practice is still relatively new in the world of speech therapy, but there is promising research.

Additionally, experts note many speech therapists who provide in-person care already utilize apps and other online programs to supplement their sessions, making the transition from in-person care to telecare more seamless.

Parents are now more confident in this process and method. It has shown its good results and everybody is happy with that! 

Don´t forget that if during the online speech therapy, we see that there´s any challenge, then trust your speech therapist and the recommendations that are provided. Online speech therapy is effective and can help the parents as well in an environment that is even more important, the home! Together we will open ways and I will help you in all your concerns!


Sofía Zelou