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Why is phonological awareness important for reading and spelling?

Well, phonological awareness creates the basis for a good reading and spelling development. If children are not able to understand, decode and distinguish acoustically the sounds of the letters, then we are talking about a poor reading and spelling development.

To make you feel more familiar to those concepts, let me explain you what phonological awareness is: 

It is a skill that allows kids to recognize and work with the sounds of spoken language. It’s key to learning to read.

On the other hand, decoding means:

The key skill for learning to read that involves taking apart the sounds in words (segmenting) and blending sounds together. It requires both knowledge of letter-sound relationships, as well as an ability to apply that knowledge to successfully identify written words and make meaning.

Lots of parents are quite concerned when it comes to their children’s literacy skills. You don’t have to worry though, as when a child is starting to be exposed to the reading world, school always tries to support and show the best ways of learning.

Although, there are times that children, for several reasons, present some difficulties on how to spell, read and write. For this reason, you have to count with the help of an expert. Good work always starts early, which means that when you see the first signs and especially when school alarms you, you have to search for help. A speech and language therapist that is expert in literacy skills, reading and writing can be helpful and the one who will help your child to understand and learn correctly!

Instruction in phoneme awareness is beneficial for novice readers and spellers (4 or even 6 years old)! Instruction in speech-sound awareness reduces and alleviates reading and spelling difficulties!

Teaching speech sounds explicitly and directly also accelerates learning of the alphabetic code, which is exactly why schools start teaching children from their early age to learn how to read and to introduce them to the magical world of reading!

In case you are looking for an expert, for more advice and for the best guidance in the process of reading and learning, please contact me!

Sofía Zelou